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What is Freezing

Embryo freezing (cryopreservation) is a method of preserving the viability of embryos by carefully cooling them to very low temperatures (-196oC). This is carried out in the laboratory using specialised freezing equipment and the embryos can then be safely stored in liquid nitrogen for extended periods.

Why should we go for Embryo Freezing ?

If fresh embryo transfers are not working, frozen embryo transfer may be the answer. Also, if you have a number of frozen embryos available the next time you try to get pregnant, some or all of the remaining frozen embryos can now be thawed and transferred.

If you DID have a birth as a result of your fresh embryo transfer, and decide to expand your family by giving your child a new baby brother or sister, you’re all set. Our fertility specialist simply takes the frozen embryos from our lab and “defrosts” them for implantation.

In either of the above cases, because you made the decision to freeze these extra embryos, you have saved time, money, and – most importantly – saved yourself the physical and emotional stress of doing the entire IVF cycle from scratch again.

What is Vitrification

Vitrification is a cryopreservation technique that leads to a glass-like solidification. Oocyte, zygote, embryo and blastocyst freezing by vitrification method for cryopreservation have been used for many years beside sperms preservation. Moreover, the use of vitrification technology for ovarian tissue cryopreservation to freeze eggs offers such an elderly women who sometime find more difficulty in conceiving or in maintaining pregnancy till full term because of old age compared to relatively younger women who might get better chances to get a healthy pregnancy.

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