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What is IMSI

IMSI is a variation of the ICSI procedure and is an acronym for morphologically selected intracytoplasmic injection. The technique is identical to the ICSI procedure, the only difference being the way the sperm are chosen.

A very powerful lens is used to see sperm in more detail during the selection process, the goal being to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Who can choose IMSI

The procedure is also favorable for men who have a higher than normal amount of abnormal sperm in their semen. IMSI is also preferred who haven’t had success with previous IVF-ICSI attempts. In such cases, an IMSI IVF process acts as an enhanced selection mechanism that can possibly increase the chances of fertilization and normal embryo growth.

Procedure of IMSI

IMSI is made possible by the use of a high power microscope that is capable of magnifying an image by over 6,000 times or even more. With such a high level of magnification, the embryologist is able to detect minute structural variations in the sperm of a semen sample that would have otherwise not been visible with a normal microscope. After carefully sifting through the sample, the embryologist chooses a morphologically fit sperm for injecting into the egg.

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